Guide for authors

To reduce publication delays, papers accepted for the Cahiers are reproduced directly from the files provided by Authors.

Authors are required to send a .PDF file satisfying specific format requirements.

Cahiers .PDF Template
Cahiers TeX Template

The Cahiers strongly encourage diversity of mathematical subjects and authors. Given their quarterly format of issues of around 120 pages each, only articles of at most around 40 pages (in the format of the Cahiers) will be usually considered for possible publication. However, in order to allow the publication of longer articles containing some important results, one could possibly divide such articles into two somewhat independent shorter parts, that would be published in two successive separate issues. Note that it is also possible to publish articles that are fully understandable in themselves, where some long and technical proofs or appendices are omitted, provided that a reference is given to a more detailed and complete version of it on the arXiv.

Moreover, the papers should not contain colors since the archive paper-copies of the Cahiers are black-printed.