Volume LI (2010)

Issue 1 I Issue 2 I Issue 3 I Issue 4

Issue 1 dedicated to Francis Borceux

On quasi-equations on locally presentable categories II:A logic
Pages 3-28
Jirí Adámek, Lurdes Sousa

What separable Frobenius monoidal functors preserve?
Pages 29-50
Micah McCurdy, Ross Street

“Hausdorff distance” via conical cocompletion
Pages 51-78
Isar Stubbe

Issue 2 dedicated to Francis Borceux

Bipullbacks and calculus of fractions
Pages 83-114
Enrico Vitale

Ideal determined categories
Pages 115-126
George Janelidze, Lazlo Marki, Walter Tholen, Aldo Ursini

On regular and homological closure operators
Pages 127-142
Maria Manuel Clementino, Gonzalo Gutierres

A note on double central extensions in exact Mal’tsev categories
Page 143-153
Tomas Everaert, Tim Van der Linden

Issue 3

Representability of the strict extension functor for categories of generalized Lie algebras (dedicated to F.Borceux)
Pages 162-181
James R. A. Gray

Representation of metric jets (dedicated to F.Borceux)
Pages 182-204
Elisabeth Burroni, Jacques Penon

A Note on the Penon definition of n-category
Pages 205-223
Eugenia Cheng, Michael Makkai

Abstract projective lines
Pages 224-242
Anders Kock

Issue 4

Objective categories and schemes
Pages 243-271
Wolfgang Rump

Characterizing pomonoids S by complete S-posets
Pages 272-281
M.Mehdi Ebrahimi, Mojgan Mahmoudi, Hamid Rasouli

On connectivity spaces
Pages 282-315
Stéphan Dugowson