Volume LXV (2024)

Issue 1 I Issue 2 I Issue 3

Issue 1

The topology of critical processes, I (Procesess and models)
Pages 3-34
Marco Grandis

Ω-ensembles et ensembles empiriques revisités
Pages 35-72
Christine Bertrand, Michel De Glas

L’enrichissement et ses différents points de vue, I
Pages 73-108
Jacques Penon

Issue 2

Computads and string diagrams for n-sesquicategories
Pages 111-149
Manuel Araújo

MacNeille completions of subordination algebras
Pages 151-199
Marco Abbadini, Guram Bezhanishvili, Luca Carai

Covers in the canonical Grothendieck topology
Pages 201-238
Cynthia Lester

Issue 3

L’enrichissement et ses différents points de vue II
Pages 241-271
Jacques Penon

Strict monadic topology II: descent for closure spaces
Pages 272-293
George Janelidze and Manuela Sobral

Cartesian exponentiation and monadicity
Pages 294-353
Emily Riehl and Dominic Verity