Volume LV (2014)

Issue 1 I Issue 2 I Issue 3 I Issue 4

Issue 1

A theory of 2-pro-objects
Page 2-36
Emilia Descotte, Eduardo J. Dubuc

Stable compactifications of frames
Pages 37-65
Guram Bezhanishvili, John Harding

Autocategories: I. A common setting for knots and 2- catgories
Pages 66-80
René Guitart

Issue 2

Categories vs. groupoids via generalised Mal’tsev properties
Pages 83-112
Nelson Martins-Ferreira, Tim Van der Linden

Sufficient cohesion over atomic toposes
Pages 113-149
Matias Menni

Autocategories: II. Autographic algebras
Pages 151-160
René Guitart

Issue 3

Q-valued sets and relational sheaves
Pages 161-204
W. Dale Garraway

Classification des matrices associées aux catégories finies
Pages 205-240
Samer Allouch, Carlos Simpson

Issue 4

New editorial Board of the “Cahiers”
Pages 242-243
André Ehresmann, Marino Gran, René Guitart

On monads and warpings
Pages 244-266
Stephen Lack, Ross Street

A general construction of Weil functors
Pages 267-313
Wolgang Bertram, Arnaud Souvay