Volume LII (2011)

Issue 1 I Issue 2 I Issue 3 I Issue 4

Issue 1

The Ziqqurath of exact sequences of n-groupoids
Pages 2-44
Stefano Kasangian, Giuseppe Metere, Enrico M. Vitale

Singularities and regular paths (an elementary introduction to smooth homotopy)
Pages 45-76
Marco Grandis

A characterization of finite cocomplete homological and of semi-abelian categories
Pages 77-81
Manfred Hartl, Bruno Loiseau

Issue 2
The periodic table of n-categories II: Degenerate tricategories
Pages 82-125
Eugenia Cheng, Nick Gurski

The total exterior differential
Pages 126-162
Margherita Barile, Fiorella Barone, Woldzimierz M. Tulczyjew

Issue 3
On the monadic nature of categories of ordered sets
Pages 163-187
Gavin Seal

Covering morphisms of crossed complexes and of cubical omega-groupoids are closed under tensor product
Pages 188-208
Ronald Brown, Ross Street

Categories as monoids in Span, Rel and Sup
Pages 209-241
Toby Kenney, Robert Paré

Issue 4
A construction of 2-cofiltered bilimits of topoi
Pages 242-252
Eduardo Dubuc, Sergio Yuhjtman

Kähler categories
Pages 253-269
Richard Blute, Robin Cockett, Tim Porter, Robert Seely

Operadic definition of non-strict cells
Pages 269-316
Camell Kachour