Volume LXII (2021)

Issue 1 I Issue 2

Issue 1

Pureté de la monade de Batanin, II
Pages 3-62
Jacques Penon

On the comparison of spans and biset
Pages 63-104
Ivo Dell’Ambrogio, James Huglo

Christian Lair (1945-2020), Bibliographie
Pages 105-113
Andrée Ehresmann, René Guitart

Issue 2

Integral and Differential structure on the free C-ring modality
Pages 116-176
Geoffrey Cruttwell, Jean-Simon Pacaud Lemay, Rory B. B. Lucyshyn-Wright

Diffeological Morita Equivalence
Pages 177-238
Nesta van der Schaaf

Corrections to: A construction of 2-filtered bicolimits of categories
Pages 239-242
Eduardo J. Dubuc, Ross Street