Volume LXIII (2022)

Issue 1 I Issue 2  I

Issue 1

Weak fusion 2-categories
Pages 3-24
Thibault D. Decoppet

A pretorsion theory for the category of all categories
Pages 25-34
João J. Xarez

Affine connections and second-order affine structures
Pages 35-58
Filip Bár

Mobi spaces and geodesics for the n-sphere
Pages 59-88
Jorge P. Fatelo, Nelson Martins-Ferreira

A functorial characterization of von Neumann entropy
Pages 89-128
Arthur J. Parzygnat

Issue 2

A functorial approach to differential calculus
Pages 131-162
Wolfgang Bertram, Jérémy Haut

Une classe d’exemples d’∞-catégories faibles au sens de Batanin
Pages 163-183
Jacques Penon

A 2CAT-inspired model structure for double categories
Pages 184-236
Lyne Moser, Maru Sarazola, Paula Verdugo